He will never leave me.

He will never leave me.


He will never leave me,
He said He will not forsake me,
I know my Lord will be there,
He will call me one day,
And take me to be with Him,
I will be where my Jesus is,
Take me out of this crazy world,
Take me home Jesus,
I know I have a wonderful friend.

He has been with me for so long,
His arms are always open,
Just waiting for me to turn,
He will provide for me,
He says he is my strenght,
He is my shepherd,
He will guide me as there's no end,
When I'm lonely He is there,
As I sleep I know He does care.

Each morn as I awake I see beauty,
My heart has been broken,
Lord, help me to hear the word spoken,
My friend is the King,
I will surrender to Him,
He will wipe away everything,
My home is where He is.

written by ramon 22/4/09 :fish:
Dear friend pls forgive me for not answering before this as I write in another site and been away , so now I hope that you will read more that I write here.
God loves you:)
Thank you Godspeaks, ,I write what comes into my hearet, and those are the words from my Jesus, thank you for calling.

God loves you :)