hearing too much voices...

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hearing too much voices...

Hi again,

I wonder what advice you could give me to handle this:

Sometimes I hear a voice, different ones actually, that seem to come from God. Just yesterday I heard a voice that said that I should follow Jesus, and that it doesn't matter what other people do. The voice also said that I should honor the sanctitiy of my body and seemed to mean that I should not smoke anymore.

However, I cannot really talk with that voice. When I ask something, I usually get no answer. Or when I get an answer, other voices mix themselves into the words and it just sounds strange in the end.

I thought that when God talks to me, it would be unmistakable. Like, some years back when I was still an seeker, I had an unmistakable experience of God. It was big and majestic and wonderful, and it still keeps me going after all these years when I think about it.

Shouldn't God be able to speak to me in a way that would eliminate all doubts, if He speaks to me at all?

I was thinking lately that I should not wait for God speaking to me anymore, that instead I should rely ONLY on the bible, and be content with that. But then I am afraid that God wouldn't like this when I ignore messages of Him which I receive through hearing something from Him.

The issue is so confusing. I have encountered at least three different Christs on my way, of those encounters which seemed convincing in themselves in fact there were more, but others were shorter and less impressive. Why can't Jesus always be the same for me?

The first Christ was straightforward and reminiscent of the bibel to me. He told me to pursue righteousness as it would mean that I would have peace then, that I could rest in having done what is required.

The next Christ told me that I would not be saved yet. I would have a childish attitude and that I would not trust Him yet.

Two weeks later I had another encounter with a different Christ who told me that I would really trust Him, and that He would be familiar with suffering and that He would always come and pick me up when I would be in deep trouble.

I don't know if any of these Christ's were right. I trust the last one I mentioned, but I haven't heard from Him for years.

The bible helps, but it is sometimes a little confusing too. For example, it says in one psalm, that the Son of God gets angry quickly. However, it says in the Gospel that Jesus is humble and meek. Paul writes that Jesus has infinite patience with us believers, and adds that nothing can separate us from His love.

I have schizophrenia, but God doesn't always seem to take that into account. At least, not all of the "Gods" I encountered. There was one who was very kind to me, who still visits me sometimes and shows me love and understanding and care. He just seems to look over my difficulties and gives me the impression that I need not worry about being loved, because I am.

But then I am sometimes worried that Christ is indeed someone very severe and strict, which makes me look for the stricter encounters with God I have had.

I mean, I know I make mistakes. I know it's probably not ok for me to smoke. But I have already changed in some ways. Instead of 3 packs per day, I only smoke around 1 or 1 and a half now, and next month I'm gonna buy myself some artificial smokes which are not unhealthy anymore, which should settle the problem too.

Did anyone of you ever have divine experiences? Am I the only one with such experiences? I tell you, they can really change things. Without that majestic encounter with God that I mentioned, I don't think I would have stayed with Christ. And without that friendly yet strong God I mentioned, I would not have become baptized. But I am tired of hearing different voices, particularly of those origins which mean trouble for me. I don't want to run around expecting something like a call all the time, I cannot be so attentive.

What do you think?
Feb 9, 2007
You typed the best answer already:

I was thinking lately that I should not wait for God speaking to me anymore, that instead I should rely ONLY on the bible, and be content with that.
In my opinion, and others may disagree, God does not communicate with us through voices, whispers, or tingling on the backs of or neck. He has revealed Himself as fully as possible through Scripture. If we hear voices, how do we know they're of God? What do we do if the voices contradict scripture? If we hear them and then don't, why did God quit communicating with us? The problem with "voices" and hearing directly from God is that it can very easily be our own selves convcing us that's "God."

If you read scripture, pray, and live in obedience to the commands found, you will live a life pleasing to the Father. The Holy Spirit will live in you and guide your conscience, but you won't have to worry about "voices" at all.
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