Heaven and Hell

Nov 26, 2007
Heaven and Hell

My youth group did a study on Heaven not so long ago. I didn't make it to much of this study... I won't make excuses but I'll just say that I let the world get in my way... anyway I was wondering if anyone could help me out and maybe pass along some scripture about Heaven. I know that it is a physical place as real as the juicy turkey we had for thanksgiving. I can find some scripture in Revelation but... If there is any more scripture that anyone can point out to me I'd much appreciate it...
I also think that since Heaven is a physical place that so is Hell... If there is any scripture that could describe Hell a little more than the lake of fire I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out... I don't guess it's wrong to want to know about Hell... They say that we should know our enemy more than we know ourselves... We may be doing a study on Hell in our youth group but I think my youth pastor thinks it's a very touchy subject to teach on... If we do have this study I'd like to be able to help him out so if someone could point me in the right direction with some scripture I would very much so appreciate it!
Oct 1, 2007
Monroe, NC
I don't know any specific scriptures right off hand, but here is the link to an online Bible resource sight that is pretty extensive:
You can search for specific scriptures, or chapters, or do a general topic search by typing a keyword such as "Heaven" or "Hell" in the search bar.

As far as your youth minister, I would encourage him to persue this "touchy"subject because there are alot of churches and ministers that avoid the topic of Hell, trying to to avoid offending people. It is scriptural, and if God thought it was important enough to tell us about it, we should see what He has to say..
Nov 12, 2007

Violet, hopefully you did not mean to give this young Baptist man the Mormon site. You know that lds stands for Latter Day Saints. They believe in Hell completely differently than Christians do. I know. I was one of them. It took a long time for me to get all I was taught outa' my head. Surely you made a mistake. Bonnie