I look forward to hanging with Jesus in Heaven. Oh I can't wait sometimes.
But imagine your parents being there and looking the same age as u. kinda weird. Or is it just me?


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The end will be soon enough. It's the 3 1/2 years before the end that worries me.
The anti-christ will make a real mess of things.
We have to watch and pray. Don't want to get deceived. Honestly I don't want to be there during those times. Don't they kill those who refuse the mark? And even if u escape, you won't be able to buy and sell. Yikes!
Can we just go to heaven already? I hate being here.

I think there can be times when whatever we try, somehow we just don't fit in with the rest of the world. There can be times when we try to absorb ourselves with our toys but feel it is a different refreshment we need. There can be times (I'm going through one at the moment - my old problem has resurfaced) when we might feel so ill that we are thinking "God get me out of here". A few of us may on occasion ponder what we have achieved or look at the same old circles and messes we go round in and ask "what's the point?". Some of us may look at the state of the world and for example feel "but I'm powerless".

If you can relate to just one of the above, I'd say "welcome to the club".

Somehow, in our periods of struggle, you just have to try (hard as it might be and I'm pretty lousy at doing it) to believe that God will see us through them. Heaven one day but for now, try:

"He restoreth my soul"