Hello All! I am new here

Hello All! I am new here

Good evening!
Happy Monday! It is a good Monday, a new day that the Lord has blessed.

I searched tonight for a Christian Forum and found this forum.
I am looking for a place that can help me and encourage me and strengthen my walk with the Lord.

I am excited to be here.

I hope you all have a blessed evening!

Greetings, Faithwoman! :israel:

You will find this a most friendly site and you will grow in faith the more you read all the great posts and associate with these fine Christians. I have come to know Heavenly Father thru these sweet people and continue to grow as I dig into the Holy Bible. Welcome!


FaithWoman, I like that name! Welcome to the CFS family. This is a place of much love and encouragement, enjoy the site!:)
Welcome to the forum, FaithWoman! This is indeed a great place to be!