Hello All!! Im Nicole :)

Hi!! I am new here!!! I am a 33 year old stay at home, CHRISTIAN and CONSERVATIVE mom, things are so tight right now that we have not even paid rent yet this month... But I am not and will not take a government hand out! What I have decided to do instead is to start my own business, one that I can be proud of and one that will be able to help others in TRUE need. You know, the ones that have found themselves in a difficult spot because of uncontrollable circumstances, not laziness or a desire to be taken care of by others instead of working hard! I was wondering, if there was any way possible that you all may help me spread the word?!?! I have no money of my own to get it going, but I started a kickstarter campaign to hopefully get the ball rolling. It is called G-Word and it is based on the premise that GOD is not a Four letter word. I just need to reach 1500 people in the next 41 days. I do not want to be so forward as to simply post the link and complete info without someones permission, but if you say it is ok, I will send it :)

Please know, from the bottom of my heart, if there is nothing you can do to help me spread the word, I COMPLETELY understand, and will never think any less of you.. I am now and will continue to use the Forum!!


Hi Our Peace... It is a long explanation :) I just copied the wording I put in to the kickstarter site... Please be honest and let me know what you think!!!

We have all heard of the S word, F word, A word and more.. I want to make the G Word a household name!

I am a Christian and it seems to me that our Government, schools, public facilities etc. etc. etc. all treat GOD as a four letter word. For some reason we demand tolerance for every other religion, besides Christianity. I AM ALL FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, however, as a Christian, I should not be told that Children cannot say GOD in some schools, that the Pledge of Allegiance cannot be said because it contains the word GOD and my government should not act as if me, being a Christian, is offensive to others. GOD is NOT a Four Letter Word!!!

G-word Clothing intends on making T-shirts, stickers, key chains etc. with different (contemporary and relevant) designs, that allow individuals to display their belief that GOD is not a four letter word, and they are not afraid to use it!!

We intend on making donations from proceeds to Churches, Shelters, Adoption agencies and others in need.