Hello all!

Hello all!

Hello, my name is Chris. Otherwise known as "Chicken" or "el pollo." A knickname from highschool that somehow stuck with me.

Anyway, I am 29 years old. I have been in the faith since 2002, when a buddy asked me to attend his church to "afirm or destroy" what I believed what was going on in the universe. It took two Sunday services and one Wednesday night service for God to convince me that I was way off in my thought process.

Other things in my life? Our heavenly Father has blessed me with a great wife, Naomi, and three kids, Isaiah (who will be five in a few short months), Hannah (who is three), and little Elijah, who just turned 2 months old.

Music is a big thing in my life. One could say it's my security blanket in this cold and unforgiving world. Everyting from praise and worship to Christian rock, rap, metal, etc. If it glorifies God, I will pick it up. It is my assumption that music will be an integril part of our daily life in Heaven.

Other than that, I hope to stick around here a long while. I guess I can't have enough fellow believers around me!
Sorry, couldnt resist!
, Chris!