Hello all

Hello all

Hi to everyone here. I would like to clear up an issue that came up, when someone else posted here, using the username that I have on other Christian forums. I am the real RoyS :) ; I am one of the mods on another forum. We have been under attack recently, by a troll who is very persistent, and he has taken a particular dislike to me, because I have called him out on numerous occasions, banned him for inappropriate language, and for multiple usernames. The post he made Here is typical of his 'shock' tactics. His use of my name to sign up here is also indicative of his childish mentallity, in trying to slander me in any way he can.

About me: I claimed the name of Christ for my entire adult life, while living a lifestyle that was shameful. I was saved on Dec 3, 2003, at the age of 48, after the breakup of my marriage. I woke up that morning, to find that I had drank 26 beers out of a thirty-pack, in a six hour period, the night before. I knew, if I kept on, I would die from alcohol poisoning. That is when I got to my knees, in earnest for the first time in my life. When I asked the Lord for His help, I actually felt the weight of alcoholism lift from me, like a weight off of my chest (I had been an alcoholic for 15 years). The Holy Spirit came into me with a vengence. I still sob, when I think of that moment.
The Lord delivered me from that burden, and a burden of internet porn addiction, in an instant. Praise Him! I have had a setback, when I allowed a bad situation to open my ears to the enemy, and I made the conscious decision to try to blot the pain with alcohol. Needless to say, it didn't help, and only made the situation worse.
God took away the need that I had for fleshly pleasures; when I turned my back on Him, He allowed me to pursue them, but, there was no pleasure there, only pain. When I came back to Him, He rewarded me with guidance and knowledge, and my life situation changed drastically for the better. At the time of my backsliding, I was a member at the site I spoke of, and the caring and support I received from the other members there was paramount in my realization of God's love for me, in spite of myself.
I thank God daily, for His forgiveness, and I pray that sites like this will continue to draw seekers to Him. The internet is a very dangerous place; it's safe havens like CFS that make it worthwhile. My thanks to Jeff for providing another resting ground.


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