Hello All!

Hello All!

Hello my name is Mike and I am from New Hampshire currently. I have been Christian the majority of my life except a few months in the late 90's when I got into some pagan stuff that left me terribly depressed. I prayed to Jesus for forgiveness one night and I felt an overwhelming happiness and saw nothing but bright light and have forever since dedicated to our Lord! Those were my teenage years and now at 28 I am really starting to get into the Bible more in depth so I will have lots of questions for you guys!
:jesus-cross: Mike

So happy you've joined us. This is a great forum, filled with wonderful Christians, from whom I've learned so much.

I think you'll love it here!

Blessings, Cheri

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to the family Mike. You are not here by accident. We all learn and grow in the Lord together. We look forward to answering your questions and God never let his children go. Praise God that we can come to him for any and all problems and know that He forgives.:):)

God bless,

Hi Mike,

Its great to hear that you managed to turn yourself back over to the Lord back in your teenage years...You did the right thing and im glad you came to these forums...Your not going to turn back...


Your not going to turn back...


Never! I really wish atheists and others could feel what I felt that night. It's the most wonderful feeling in the universe communicating directly with The Lord! There is never ANY doubt in my mind the HE hears everything I say when I pray! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND WORDS!