Hello All

Hello All

Hi ya'll! Yes I am from Texas hence the ya'll :smiley160:
Just a little about me.....My name is Katy and I am a 29yr old stay at home mom of 2 little ones. Eva my oldest is 4yrs old and James is 6 months old. God is my cornerstone and the children he has given me are the light of my life. Before i had my daughter I was going down a not so great path in life. I had been twice divorced by the age of 24yrs old (no children w/the 2 marriges)...and was at that point "living it up" in my 20's. Partying etc basically being completely irresponsible. I grew up a strong Christian and was saved at the age of 7yrs old but unfortunately veered off course when a close friend of mine passed away in high school....I knew i was not going to be able to keep up that kind of life....so after much prayer and pleading with God for help, he answered my prayers and it was Loud and Clear and quick! I met my husband who is a loving Christian man (he was twice divorced as well). He was recovering from brain cancer when I met him and he was told by his oncologist he would never have children. Well obviously the docs were wrong and we had our daughter on the first try! Lol! So, as I look back on where my life was going I am in awe of God in how he picked me up and carried me to safety. And in his arms of safety is where I sit now. Gloriously happy in my family that God gave to me and working daily to be ever closer to him.

Well, i really look forward to talking with everyone! Thanks for having me!
Hi believer65,

Welcome to the forums :)..What a great testimony wow!! All i can say is that Im really glad you you re-discovered God in your life..He is totally amazing & always willing to do good things in our lives as long as we believe and trust in him each day :)

Hope you enjoy your stay here..



Wow .... Praise God . He is faithful ..... Nice to have you here . Hope to see more of you . God Bless .

Awesome testimony!

So very glad to have you and look forward to getting to know you better.