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Blessings to all from Millicent in South Australia. My name is Sherry and I am 38 years old. I am happily married to Ivan but unfortunately we must live apart due to financial reasons. I own and run a coffee shop out of which we have just started a little church on Sunday nights. I grew up as a christian but went my own way at age 24. I have only recommitted my life to Christ just over 12 months ago and am on fire for Jesus in a way that I never knew before. Things are very tough for me both emotionally and financially at present, but I am learning each day to think more positive and rely on the Lord to help me through. I am continually praying that my husband might find Jesus and be able to pray with me for Him to help us out of the situation we are in. I have come to this forum in the hope that I might find some like-minded people that I might get to know and that we can support each other through our situations. I love to talk about Jesus and I love to read His Word. I hope I can find some new friends that like to do the same.
God bless!:)
Welcome to CFS, Sherry. God works in and through every situation for His glory and our good. Sometimes that learning and growth is about as appealing as learning grammar or doing word problems in math were in school. But, without those foundations, we wouldn't have the literature or the engineering marvels we enjoy today. My prayer for you is that you will persevere and reap the rewards of your faithfulness in difficult circumstances, and that He will bring you comfort and peace in the midst of them. I hope that we here can contribute a measure of that comfort and peace.
Thanks for the nice welcome Rumely. Yes, I am hoping that my circumstances prove to be totally worth going through in the end. Mostly that somebody else might come along with the same problems somewhere down the track and I will be able to encourage them and help them through because of the victory I have experienced in my own situation. Thankyou for your prayers, one can certainly never have too many of those.


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Welcome, Sherry, to the forums! Glad that you are here! I'm sorry for the hardships that you and your husband have been facing, but am so thankful that you are on fire for God! And with that, NOTHING can go wrong :) He will give you the strength and the endurance to go through this hardship! :)