Hello All

Hello All

Good day to all!

I'm a 40-year old hillbilly, separated from the Mrs. for longer than I care to recall, but wooing her for all I'm worth. We have a lovely 14-year old daughter who is currently on the verge of growing up which terrifies me. (Actually Shawn terrifies me-but he's a good kid)

I've lived in Northeast Tennessee all my life, was raised in a very conservative Christian household which pretty much outlines my look on life. I came to know Christ as my savior at an early age, and despite having made many mistakes along the path I've come to realize the true meaning of forgiveness.

I've worked at Eastman Chemical Company for 19 years. My schedule is sort of strange, we work 12-hour shifts alternating sets of days and nights. Always in sets of 3 or 4 with offtime inbetween. With an accumulated 14 days per month worked it's not bad but alternating between days and nights can often leave you wondering which way is up.

We're currently looking for a home church, after our pastor stepped down due to lack of support from an aging small congregation who no longer wished to support missions. You can't drive 5 minutes in any direction here without seeing a church. But due to my schedule and only being off 2 weekends a month it's been several months of visiting to find where He would like us to attend.

I was invited here by a member from another board I mod at, and was thrilled to find a Christian-only board.


John it is certainly a pleasure to have you here with our CFS family. I will be praying that the Lord opens the right door for you. There is truly no place like the center of His will. Many blessings on your day, your brother Larry
Thanks guys for the welcome.

I'm curious how you keep up with where you've posted. I imagine subscribing to each thread could be aggravating emailing or notifying you of each and every response to the thread. How do you keep up with which threads you've posted on?

I've belonged to vBulletin boards in the past but can't recall how I kept up with my posts. Other boards have a function to allow you to review your own recent posts or the thread icons are different if you've commented on them.

edit: ok, I've found a quick way...just added a bookmark to all of my posts from my profile so I can quickly see if anyone has responded to my posts.


Welcome John