Hello brothers and sisters! Its a blessing to be welcomed on your site. I want to be an encourager.

Hello brothers and sisters! I hope that I can offer an encouraging word and a ray of hope to you when you need it. Be blessed.
Welcome Barbie Ellen to cfs.
It's nice to see a fellow buckeye in here.
As you look around the forum Please take time to read over the following and familiarize yourself with the following .

1. Forum Policies and Procedures
2. Topics which May Not be Discussed in the open forum .

This will help assure that your time here at cfs will be a safe and joyful time.
If you have any questions or forum issues please feel free to contact a moderator or helper by pm.

Again Welcome to CFS


Welcome to the site. :)
Its great to see you here. This is a great platform and I'm confident you'll have a great time.
I look forward to seeing you around.