Hello Christian brothers and Sisters,

Apr 13, 2016
Hello There,
I am new here and i am here to introduce myself,
I am Sylvester Browne by name, i am 20 years of age, i am a full time Christian, i love reading the bible because it reminds me of who i am, i am a graphic designer, i'm single and i love making friends, i would love to meet lots of Christians from around the world, i love to evangelize, i think it is one of our primary purpose as a child of God, i would also love to meet people with lots of experience and can teach me a lot about Jesus and about life.
Hope with the little i wrote i am able to say something about myself and if there is anything friends would like to know i am willing to let them know more about me, something i call the "adventure of Sylvester" haha.

God bless you
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