Hello everyone, nice to meet you all

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all

hey everybody!

Im new to this site

My name is elmer and im 21 years old. I was baptised by water when i was born and now just got baptised by the holy spirit last week. I felt very hot for a few hours so I drank lots of cold water and turned on the fan but hotness was still there. it was very cool experience.

Heres my story:
My parents baptised me when i was a kid and when i turned 19 that was my darkest year. i felt alone and very depressed and was cursing God
. that was the time I turned to an atheist. during that time a very ill girl i met. she is very in love with God even though shes sick. this girl helped me stand up again and walk with God again. This girl became my first girlfriend and i will marry her in the church
. Now im a strong christian, i cant stop reading the bible that i made videos on youtube.check it out.

let me know what you think...

love you all my brothers and sisters.

God bless.
Welcome to CFS....We are glad you found us and joined. We look forward to fellowship with you.

God bless,

Elmer my brother from another mother. You did a good JOB. it brought tears to my eyes from what you posted. It was heart warming to the max. i was in the same situation when I was a kid.Thank God that you accepted Jesus at such a young age. It took me 40 years to do that. Hang on tight Elmer my brother to Jesus. Don't ever let go!!!HE is the ultimate protection for us . I hope to get to know you more my brother from another mother.
God Bless you abundantly!! Amen

Chili out. :)