Hello everyone!

Hi there! I'm new here. Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Just a little about me:

I'm originally from Virginia and currently live in Minnesota with my wife and 4 beautiful children! I'm a born again Christian attending the Covenant church here though I don't specifically identify with any denomination. I was raised Catholic and was born again in a Baptist church before truly surrendering around the time I attended the Covenant. I have also attended Methodist churches and E-Free churches in my several moves. Ultimately, if a church is preaching truth from the Word of God, then I'll go there.

That said, I love music! I play guitar and piano/synth. I used to play bass but no longer have one. I have been blessed to be married to a woman who sings beautifully but it has also challenged me as her vocal style is more along the jazz/big band era and my music background was more rock/metal. That drove me to hone my skills on the piano and I am grateful to God for it! Now my children (5 and under) are starting to really take an interest in music. My daughter can sing a few songs and is starting to play the piano (with a little bit of help...haha) and my 3 year-old (4 in a couple of weeks) is learning the drums on a real kid sized set (not the toy sets). Yes...we own earplugs...