Hello family, nice to meet you.

Hello family, nice to meet you.

Well I am very glad to be here. I signed up for another forum with kind of the same name and it ended up being more or less a "Christian, buddhist, muslim, cultist, atheist" type deal. Kinda threw me off. Haha.

But anyway, here is some quick stuff about me:

I spent most of my life (so far at least, I'm 21 yo) knowing that there was a God, but not knowing Him. I grew up in a Catholic Church and I don't really ever remember them talking about the saving Blood of Jesus.
But anyway, The Lord Yahweh came to me last year drawing me to Him, I just didn't notice until I hit a place called the "mire and slime".

I was heavy into drugs, started out using them to escape reality and became psychologically addicted. I went to jail twice, lived that whole "rocknroll" lifestyle (without the fame) for a good while. Finally I almost ended up homeless and went to a rehab center that was faith based.

Well of course, I had a void that only God could fill and in this place I felt Him strong. The more time I spent sober the more I could feel Him. I gave my life to Him and grew spiritually in the program. I learned as much as I could while there from all the resources and wise men and women of God.

I graduated this March (of 2009) and have not lost my fire for Him. I am still learning and standing on His word and the blood of Jesus my Savior. Satan still tempts me to go into my old sinful ways every now and then, but in the end, I just want to keep living for God.

Through me becoming and being saved, my Mom and two of my siblings have come to the Lord Jesus. He has taken my desire for drugs and turned it into love for Him. After seriously battling with a nicotine addiction after I got out of the program, I pleaded and pleaded with God to take the nicotine addiction away too, and I ran out of a (dip, snuff) can never wanting nor getting another. That was maybe 3-4 months ago.

He took this self-hating, corrupted, perverted, lying, thieving shell of a man and has and is still turning me into what He wants me to be.

PRAISE JESUS!! My Saviour. Forever. He sought me, and He bought me, with His redeeming Blood. O' Victory in Jesus!!
heh sorry.
Welcome to the forum!!! What an amazing testimony and inspiration you will be for the Lord!!

We're so happy you found our forum. Please pull up a stool and sit with us in felllowship!

Blessings, Cher


Sooo happy to see you join us~

Thank you for sharing your personal testimony, because you never know how much you might have help someone, through your testimony.

Looking forward to getting to know you,and sharing scriptures...

Like everyone said up there...Great Testimony and really inspiring to read.

:welcome: to the forums

Welcome! That's an awesome testimony. I have a very very similar background, we'll have to chat sometime! I will definitely keep you in my prayers.