Hello fellow brothers and sisters

Hello all

Enjoyed reading threads on this site and decided to join and add my 2 cents where I can :).
I see Christian forums as a great place for fellowship and learning.

I am a born again Christian now for 20 years and still going strong in the faith (33 years old).
I pray constanty for the gift of understanding as I don’t like confusion.

I have spent a lot of time recently debating on atheist sites. This is my first Christian site signing

I don’t easily get angered in debates as I believe that we can only toil soil not deliver the smackdown rhema, that is The Holy Spirits job.
Also the wiser one always needs to be extra humble to avoid stumbling the weak.

My core belief:

- Jesus is the way the truth and the life, nobody comes to The Father except by Him.

Anyone that believes that, I can have fellowship with.

Looking forward to fellowship and learning.
Hi KingJ, welcome to CFS. I'm sure you will enjoy the fellowship here.

We don't encourage debating here - in fact we actively discourage it. Discussion is good, where each one brings to the table his/her point of view and the Scriptural reasons for it. But when we have allowed debating in the past, inevitably it has degenerated into personal attack, so these days the staff tend to jump on it fairly quickly.


I suppose amongst Christians there is no need for debate as The Holy Spirit reveals all truth to those that seek.