Hello from a seeker :)

Hello from a seeker :)

Hi all :) My name is Sarah and I'm new here, and new to seeking to gain faith. I wasn't raised in a church and have been a hard atheist for the past 7 or 8 years, so this journey is a long, hard one for me, dealing with the doubts and old ways of thinking that I am accustomed to.

I'd love to get to know people on this board and feel some companionship, as very few people around me are church-going and even fewer are the kind of Christians that I would want to be.
Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the forum! I just joined myself a couple of days ago.

Concerning gaining faith: Hebrews 11 tells us that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. It also says that faith is "...the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for." It is extremely noteworthy, and a surprise to newbies, that the Bible at no time and in no way asks believers to practice a blind faith. This concept is critical to grasp. Primary substance is the Bible itself which has proven itself trustworthy.

Science has benefited from knowledge in the Bible. For example, the ocean streams enabling ships to traverse the oceans quickly were discovered because of a passage in the Bible talking about "...the pathways of the seas."

Just take your new walk with the Lord one step at a time recognizing what the apostle wrote in an epistle that "...He is able to save that which has been entrusted to Him."
Hi Sarah! I'm so happy you found our forum.

This is such a friendly forum... a safe haven to learn about the Lord.

This forum is filled with wonderful people, from whom I've learned so much. So don't hesitate to ask for help with understanding...this is a great forum to do that.

Blessings, Cheri

HI Sarah,

Welcome to the forums...Its great to have you on board :)...Lots of friendly people around to have a chat with. If there is anything you need to ask or clear up feel free to do so, because this is what this forum is for...

Rock on
Hi Sarah, welcome to CFS. I know you will enjoy the fellowship here, and I pray that you will grow in your new-found faith.


Hidee Hooooooooo there Blueplastic!!!:D Welcome to the site! I'm so happy you decided to follow Christ our 1 and truly alive and living God. He is just as much alive as you and me. I'm just so tickled to hear of such a change that I'm going to throw an extra chili on the grill for ya:p


We like it hot around here for Jesus n we are all hungry for the word of God. No body starves around here:dance:n no the chilis' will not make you :sick::cool: heheheheehlololool!
Hey sis
to CFS!!

Chili out:cool::israel:
Heya Sarah. Saw your name on a couple of other sites while I was wandering about the internet last night. If you want support and encouragement, this is the place to be. Welcome to CFS, we got a comfortable chair over here just for you.