Hello from the Heartland


Good to be here. I am hoping to have some good discussion on biblical symbolism and linguistics. Seems like a good place to hang out for a change of scenery. My user name is Aleph Bet, which is the Hebrew word root Father. The Avatar has some significance to my view of God. More on that later. The letters are Aleph and Bet in Phoenician, which is proto-Canaanite. I prefer this to Hebrew for the purposes of translation and meaning. You will likely see me use it quite a bit. For the last few years, I have been making some remarkable connections by transcribing the letters and roots of Hebrew into hidden elements of scripture. I will do my best to share.

Anyway, that's a bit about me. Glad to be here.
Welcome! A pastor of my former church (before I moved to another place) was excited about these things. He participated in making of one of the newest Czech Bible translations. Once he starts to speak about Hebrew, he can't stop :)


Welcome; I hope you will enjoy the content of these forums.
I'm sure you'll have some interesting discussions.