Hello To All At Cfs

Yes for me too, my perspective is continuously changing of late,..for the better it would appear as there is less bewilderment in my life. However my only goal is to fulfill my destiny according to God's will,...,however modest or however difficult. It all comes back to God.
Hey M8 sorry for the late entrance :) Welcome to CFS. I see you have all ready made some friends, well you just made another 1 hehe. I hope and pray you will enjoy your stay here. God Bless you
Thanks for your welcome JG27_chili, the M8 threw me initially but the penny finally dropped...:) Yes, I do feel the mateship here, thanks for having me.

God bless.
Hello Ben,

Welcome to the forums, glad to have you onboard...I see your from Brissy, i just visited. Im down here in Melbourne :) Hope you enjoy your stay!!

God Bless
Thanks for your welcome Jake. I hope you enjoyed your visit here. I must say I've spent a year or so living in Melbourne, nice city and have fond memories. :)

Best regards and God bless.