Hello To All Brothers And Sisters

Hello to all, My name is Matt, it is good that there is Christian Forums so that we may know the message of Jesus Christ, I joined this Christian Forums to share any message about the Truth regards to the End of Times, Because many People Doubt and Fool about the End of Times, they are many peoples predict that the end is near but they Fool many peoples. The Bible is the Truth, all this happening today is written on the Bible by many Prophets a long time ago, now it's happening today that many FALSE PROPHETS will occur.

To all Brothers and Sisters, As written to the Bible that No one knows when that day or hour will come - neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son; only the Father knows.(Mark 13: 32). If we are ready to meet the Lord in the air, we must obey the commandments that God order us to do, then we will be SAVED. We must Love one another, not only by words, but in DEEDS.

Thank you for joining me here in this forum. Have a nice day to all and Godbless us.
Hello Matt.

There is always a conversation on the "End Times" somewhere here.

If not, start one up and I will be there with you.
Hello, there is no End Times Thread here, Can I post my AMV on this thread Bible Study. Thanks for your response.

Matt...........there is always some kind of conversation concerning the End Times on this site.

As long as you abide by the rules of the site, you can post whatever your concern is.

Post it on the "Bible Study" forum section is my opinion.
G'day Matt,

Welcome to the forums, its a pleasure to have you on board. Hope you have a great time here..

God Bless