Hi, Fred! Welcome to our forum. It is 2 hrs. earlier where you are, so for some of us it's midnight. I'll be retiring soon too. I hope you like this forum. I surrendered my life to Christ on this forum! It's the most lovingly helpful one on the internet and you found it!

I lived in Salem, Oregon for 23 yrs. I'm not familiar with your town. My husband would be though. He's an Oregonian, a regular "web foot." And my kids are also. We moved back to my hometown in Iowa and love it here. No one can understand why we'd move to Ia, when Oregon is so beautiful. But, I spent half of my life in his state, so we can spend the rest of our lives in Iowa. Although I wouldn't mind moving to Australia. Ok, I'm getting windy now, must be sleepy. :p

Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. Bonnie
Really big welcome to you Fred.
Please ask if you need any help navigating the site etc.
You may also want to shotrten your user name as we are advised againt using our full names, rather having a 'handle' so to speak.
Please contact one of the mode if you need help doing this.