It has been my goal to meditate upon God's word continually, and though I have not yet succeeded, I have been blessed by trying.

I have recently been seeing pictures of Christ in the scriptures hiding behind the literal text. I am hoping to be able to share some of them in order to have a discussion about whether they are really there or are just an over-active imagination.

Although you won't hurt my feelings if you think they are imaginary, I would ask that your opinion be reserved until you understand how they are derived and maybe attempted to find some on your own.

I shared a brief one in the Gen 2:21 thread for starters.

If they are just imaginary, they are just novelties. I call them shadows in the same way that Hebrews 10.1 implies that the law has a shadow. A shadow is not the real thing. It is an illusion suggesting something else than the thing causing the shadow, just as fingers casting shadows suggest bunnies, etc.

Thanks in advance for your kindnesses.

Welcome to the Christian Forum Site, Bob. I had a pastor who went to Bob Jones University. Any relation to that Bob Jones? I realize that Bob and Jones are very common names. :D
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More than half a lifetime ago my name was Smith. Got some really interesting looks a few times when I stayed in motels with hubby. :)



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Hi Bob...

Let me just say...what a great surname Jones is:D:D:D:D...oddly enough its mine to...:p



Hi Mr Bob. The Old Testament is Christ conealed and the NEw Christ revealed. Make no mistake about it Christ is the central theme of the scriptures from cover to cover.
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