Hello. :) I am not really new, and some of you will know me, but not by this name.

I have been eager to come post here. I have always liked this forum and most of the people on it.

I look forward to catching up and sharing with you all!
Heres a big ol' welcome back and this time stick around longer and enjoy the forum and have fun.
GBU Tavy

I know you've been here before, but it is customary for us to post the rules and regulations for all new members. So here goes...even though I'm sure you're well aware of them.

We're very happy you've returned!

Blessings, Cheri

Please take the time to review the following CFS links:


Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site


hey just wanted to say welcome! im extremely new! fresh to forums period. lol welp hope to be talking with you soon. much love and peace