Hello, I am new.

I have never believed in god. I am 32 years old. I live a life in which logic dictates everything. If a reason for a thing is not known, it can be found and all there is to know can be known in minutes.

But I still want to believe. Help me find out if god is real. Help me see what makes being spiritual important.
Hello and welcome. God IS real, but you are given the choice to allow Him in your life. That is the nature of a loving God-He will not force you to worship Him with brute force. Sometimes this is hard to comprehend or discern reading the Old Testament.
The Bible teaches us that ALL things GOOD are of God; but we must first define what "Good" is-this is why we have the "law and the prophets" and more importantly God's Word manifested in our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Bible teaches that ALL creatures, ALL of His creation are aware of His presence by the very nature of our existence-when we question 'where did I come from?", "where did 'everything' (the universe) come from?" God is the answer.

The Bible teaches that unbelievers can even recognize 'Good' by the nature of life itself; we 'inherit' the attributes of God through our generations form the beginning. To deny God is to deny our own origins.

The Bible gives us this history, and more importantly explains our desperate need for a Savior since human kind became separated from God.
Hello friend! I am 33 and became a believer overnight as God called and I let Him in. I have been brand new since that night. I was JUST LIKE YOU--- logical about everything. As a believer in Jesus Christ now, I use this part of me to test things about the church I am uncomfortable with.

The hard thing about being science minded is that it's hard to believe in things you can't see. Now that I have the Holy Spirit I can see that we have an eternal spirit (it's who we are, you are not your physical shell!) our eternal spirits will go on after our physical body expires. The reason we cannot just be with our creator is because of sin. Jesus is the way to the father- the only way . This is where it gets tricky... Faith is needed to understand "sin nature" but there are also ways to use logic to understand. I am here if you want to talk more. I'll be praying for you!!
Allie, can you tell me more about the eternal spirit?

I have lost people who are close to me. How can I know they aren't just gone forever? One was very involved in the church and a huge influence in my life. Is he more than just a memory? How can I feel this to be true?
It's not about forcing yourself to feel something. Think of it along th lines of the scientific process. You test a theorem for the result it predicts. The bible says that all who come to God must believe that he is and is a rewarded of those who diligently seek him. Go to God in prayer with whatever faith you have right now. Tell him what you want. Do you want to believe? Do you want to experience him? Do you want to be saved? Do you want to know that all those who know him are not gone forever? Do you wasn't top follow and live for the one true and living god? Talk to him about it. Then get into a bible believing church and start reading the bible for yourself. Stay in prayer and see where good brings you.

Christ is the only way to God. He died for our sin. He beat death that we might be with him.

God bless