im theresa and lifes been a challenge for me my mother wanted a boy but god gave her a daughter instead i have benn disabled in medical termonolgy but in gods eyes im abled to touch ppls hearts i have struggled with abuse and alcholism being honest god strenthen me everyday when i was 25 i had my frist seziur a grand mul seziurs boy that was a pain im learning that God allows things in our lives to strenthen us just becuse you pray and ask God for a healing dont mean hes going to heal you on the spot like a magic man or a big mac GODS plans ARE NOT OUR PLANS
But I believe God gives special grace to people like you. I don't think I would be as accepting. You have a special place in His heart. :D
YES i KNOW GOD CAN heal me im NOT DOUBTING IT im just state ing that GOD ALLOWS THINGS to happen and yes iknow gods plans are not our plans
Welcome Theresa!
The Potter will mold us and shape us and depending on what we are made of will determine the healing process.
May the LORD bless you and keep you always.
:D:D:DWelcome Theresa,

The Father does heal in different ways... in some cases its immediatly, and other times He ask you to do something that will initiate your healing in time... It may be a mineral, hormonal, or chemical imbalance... Even regular? constipation can alter the bodies chemistry including the brain, or lack of sufficient water...

Ask the Lord, as well as research on-line...:D

You are such an inspiration!!! The greatest of faith is not displayed by those who are healed by it. But by those who though not healed willingly accept it and still praise God while enduring through the suffering of it.

It's easy to be well off and without illness, pain or suffering and set in church on Sunday morning and praise the LORD.
But for those, who like yourself, who do suffer have had major trials and dibilitaing circumstances to go forth and profess faith before the world is astounding!
I ,myself suffer only slightly from the results of my own doings. I, of all people have nothing to complain about in reguards to that. But my wife has suffered and is suffering through so much in her life I stand in amazement at her faith for like you she praises God in and through it.
I sincerely welcome and thank you for joining this forum.

In Him
Your mother was disappointed because you weren't a boy? Excuse me for saying so, but yo' momma crazy! Daughters rule. Welcome to our family.
YES i KNOW GOD CAN heal me im NOT DOUBTING IT im just state ing that GOD ALLOWS THINGS to happen and yes iknow gods plans are not our plans

Hi Theresa,
I'm Wendy and am also new here. Yes God allows things in our life to help us to grow and He knows the plan he has for us.
He allowed Joni Earekson Tada to become a paraplegic..He didn't heal her physically. but look at her life. She has learned to trust him and she is a powerful witness. He knows our every need and he is faithful.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5&6
Praise the Lord! Your faith is so inspiring, theresa! And yes I agree with you that His plans are not our plans! =) Faith even as small as a mustard seed can move mountains!
Hi Theresa!
Welcome sister......so glad you are here! Your voice of reason and truth is so refreshing and needed...