Hi everybody,

I'm Pamela and I'm new.

I'm 17 years old and from Holland. I am different to all of you, but I know that you're all good people and accept me anyways.

I don't go to church and I wasn't raised religious. I went and still go to christian schools and I do believe in God, Jesus and the bible. I believe in my own way and it suits for me. God loves me and accepts me as I am and I try to like live up to His rules. It's hard, though, but I try. I never really was like: "Yeah, God guides me blabla" but after a black period in the past year, I started to really pray every single day and it's going good.

Well, I'm hoping you'll accept me.
If they accept me, and were even fooli...erm, I mean, loving enough to make me a mod, you should have no problems. Welcome aboard, and enjoy your stay.

Rooster: Will you stop flirting with EVERY girl that signs up, she's like half your age, it's getting embarrassing.

Bana: I'm not flirting, I'm just being friendly...you know, like it says on our banner.

Rooster: *Crows*

Bana: -_-
Hello, Pamela - Welcome to CFS. You will find that this is a very friendly place. We are all members of a large family here and you are very welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. All we ask is that every new member read the Forum Rules that are contained in the ANNOUNCEMENT area at the top of all main pages.

We hope that you will enjoy the fellowship and friendship that you will find here. May God bless.
Hi Pam welcome to CFS, if you love Jesus you will fit right in here!
Hello! Pamela!
Its great that you are here! Hey! I went to Holland when I was a child. I remember it as very pretty!
I'd like to invite you to Fluffy's Coffee House.
Its in the Clubs and Ministry section. Just a place to hang out while you find your way around the forum. Enjoy!
Welcome, Pamela!
It's exciting to meet new friends and the more I meet, the more I'm not a newbie myself anymore. This is the place to learn a lot and G R O W AND S T R E T C H!