Hellooooo *waves*

Aug 3, 2009
Hellooooo *waves*

Hey everyone
I'm new here after basically just having enough of another forum. I'm fed up of Christians just arguing all the time over irrelevant stuff, so when I saw how friendly this forum was I was happy to join :)

well anyways, heres a bit about me

I've been Roman Catholic all my life (having a deeper relationship with Christ at certain times in my life unfortunately) but now I am seeking more. I am now actually studying the bible and exploring all different churches and really opening my eyes to my faith.

So I look forward to getting to chat to you :)

God bless
Mar 24, 2009
Mississippi Gulf Coast

We're so happy our found our forum! If you're looking for a friendly atmosphere, you've definitely found it.

This is a great Christian forum filled with kind people from whom I've learned so much.

Looking forward to fellowship with you.

Oct 2, 2007
Lakeville, Minnesnowta
Hello, Rachael. Ya found a good place. Sometimes discussions get a little heated here, too, but our mods are quick to step in and our membership is pretty much mature enough and good willed enough to settle down. Agitators usually don't last long here.

It's always a joy to see someone who is pressing in to know Jesus more deeply. The forms of our particular fellowship and affiliation are really only just the starting point in our knowing Jesus. I hope that we, of varied backgrounds, cultures, fellowships, yet united in our common desire to know and obey Christ, can be an encouragement to you and that you will find your own gifts well received.