help Please

help Please

Is there a mobile version of the forum available. Ever since the theme was changed my phone can't handle it. I think it has to do with the snowflakes. I can barely view the page and cannot post at all. I know that VBulletin has options for mobile users I just couldn't seem to see any available to me. Any help would be appreciated.
Well, now I am on the laptop and it doesn't like it either. Maybe it's just safari. Oh well, at least I can post on a normal computer.

Well, Firefox seems to work fine. Guess safari just doesn't like it. :(
Thanks for reporting the problem, Dodson. I'll do some testing and solve it asap.

Thanks :)

I'm using safari too,but there's no probb..

Yeah, on my computer safari works. But at the bottom of the page it keeps bringing up the scroll bar from left to right for no reason. It doesn't effect anything though. But, safari on my phone is not a full version of safari. It's good with nearly anything but there are a few things it gets finicky with.