Help with seting up a HTML page.

Help with seting up a HTML page.

Well I have set up a HTML page so that I can use it for I just need help puting it on the web hosting so that if we type in it will go to the HTML page that I have made. I am using for webhosting.
I got to be my ASO account already.

I have uploaded my file that I needed to put on the hosting but I don't know how to make it so when I type in to make it go to that HTML page.
JFYI, the file has to be uploaded in the public_html folder and not anywhere else. If that is done, then the html page should automatically appear when you type

I can see that you created a subfolder called deathwilldie in public_html

Is it in the right folder?
Oh ok. I added things to the wrong folder so I guess it shows that.

Well I have tried to make it so it goes to the HTML page but it doesn't seem to do that at all.
I can see mhk.html
Now rename the mhk.html copy on your computer to index.html and upload it again to the same folder
rename mhk.html on the server itself via ftp or your control panel
Alright it worked. Thanks for the help. Now I need help setting up subdomains. I don't even know were to start for it though so if you can start from the begining.
If you want then you just have to create a such a folder in public_html (just like the deathwilldie folder) and upload another index.html file in there.

If you want, go to your cpanel and you have the option to create sub-domain there. When you do that, cpanel automatically creates a subdomain folder in public_html. Then upload your index.html file into that folder.

By the way, that site is already looking good.
Yup, create through cpanel and after you do that use the redirect option on the same create subdomain page to redirect your desired subdomain to invisionfree forum.
Thats how is works. :)

Unless if you can add an A record to your domains dns zone file to point it to invisionfree but I doubt if invisionfree will accept that for free. They did announce a service like that sometime back but I am not sure what the details are.
You can back your files and database up into your server space or just download it into your computer.

You have to generate a backup first and then download it.

Generating a full backup


A full backup will backup all files needed to restore your account if it is corrupted, deleted, or moved to another server. Generating a full backup and saving it to a remote location can be a very safe move in case of problems with your account.

1 To access the Backup Menu, click on the
icon above the words Backup on the main screen of your cPanel interface.
2 Click on Generate/Download a Full Backup
3 Select the destination you wish to save the backup to from the drop box next to Backup Destination:
4 Enter your email address in the field next to Email Address:. An email will be sent to this address when the backup is completed.
5 If you are backing up to a remote server, place the server's name, your username, and your password on that server in the appropriate fields.
6 Click on Generate Backup to start the backup process.

Download backups


You can use the Backup Menu to download any automatic backups that have been created by your server administrator.

1 To access the Backup Menu, click on the
icon above the words Backup on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Click on the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly to select the type of automatic backup you wish to download.
3 Save the backup file to your computer.