Helpful Information Unstable - What to do?


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Hello MatthewG;

I just finished listening to 7:09 minutes of your message, Unstable.

You have a lot of boldness to share on a huge screen. Good message and keep it up!

Praise God at this time in your young life. I personally see Him revealing His plan for you.

In this video I can see many who don't know Christ and hearing how a relationship with God can solidify
stableness and break down unstableness with other people.

On a
lighter note, the Holy Spirit was with you and that's why the ceiling fan was spinning like crazy. lol!

God bless you, brother and your family.


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Hello Bob,

Just realized that in Mark 3:1 And He entered the synagogue again, and a man was there who had a withered hand.

The stories in the bible they serve as types and pictures for us. This is one of them in a very real sense all people come to Jesus Christ with something wrong with them. Such as a withered heart, or a demented mind.

We all come to Him and we need some intervention on his part, to heal us. This is what the picture is with this man with the withered hand.

Thank you for taking time to view this video.

Thank you for your encouragement. Lol about the ceiling fan spinning like crazy haha!

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, Love of God, and fellowship with the holy spirit be with you and your family to brother, and all of the men and women here on this forum.