Herbs: The Seat of Good Health

Dec 24, 2010
The medicine system gives credits to the plant kingdom which are the major contributor in formulations of varied types of drugs and medications. Whether in Modern or Western medicine, where synthetic method is adopted to derive plant extracts for preparing medicines or as in Chinese medicine, Nature healing or ayurveda medicine system where medicines are in its most natural form, the herbs are inevitable in the therapeutic world. In the ancient medical system of Ayurveda, herbal remedies have been constantly formulated and modified for more benefit. Herbal health remedies eventhough gradual in healing, ensures prolonged relief.

In ayurveda, herbs are consumed, injected, inhaled or applied according to the kind of disease and therapy required. Health supplements in ayurveda are used to boost ones' energy and revitalise the immunity and strength of the body. The deficiencies in the body can be cured through ayurvedic herbal supplements. The extracts and essences of plants in form of oils are used for massages, aromatherapy, panchakarma and rasayana therapy. The herbal oils absorbed into the body help it to relax and heal.

Herbs are included in diet for their high nutrition and healing power. The health concious are including herbal tea, herbal food and supplements for a better and resistant health. Thus herbal health helps in curing the most deep-seated illness and improve health. However the elixir can turn into poison if taken in excess or inappropriately. A practitioner's prescription is thus the most advisable step before taking any kind of medication, herbal or not.
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