Heroes and Leaders


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May 13, 2019
A famous ex Australian Prime Minister died recently. He has a reputation as one of the best PMs Australia ever had. On a professional and career level, this guy had almost no peer.
Yet from a Christian point of view I don't think he rates as highly. Infidelity and heavy drinking in younger years. Ruthless ambition to get to the top. He wasn't afraid to do whatever it takes to get to the top.
Who am I to judge? yes I know what you are saying. But my concern is who we look up to is important. Their private life is important. The whole package. the Australian media here call him a "larrikin". In fact they called him a "loveable larrikin". I suspect if he wasn't a popular charming guy, they would be using different words like "reprehensible womaniser" and his ambition as having "blood on his hands."
I'd like to see society look up to leaders who are beyond reproach in their private life. Ones with integrity. Even if they lack a bit of charm. Charm is an overrated trait. "Cool" in other words. Society forgives you if you are cool and competent.
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Aug 9, 2020
Sounds like this prime minister enjoyed his life and had no regard for eternity. Eternity matters more than this life. Those that love their lives will lose it and those that hate their life in this world will find it.