Hey everybody !

Hey everybody !

Dave newbie here >>> heydave .

I am a refugee from some unnamed sites one very recognizable.

There seems to be a great deal of intolerance for Christians in some circles. I am glad that you do not have a "scrolling live chat" here. You can end up appearing to agree with a post which barely slipped in ahead of yours.

Just call me "heydave".

( so far no problems)

dave :D
Hi HeyDave,
I have also previously had problems with live chat. As you so rightly say you can end up with your answer in the wrong place.
Heydave, welcome aboard. I might know what that unnamed site might be. Our forums are very small and new comparatively.

Welcome again and have fun here. :D
Small and new but CFS rocks!:D Welcome to our cozy little home HeyDave- sit a spell and take your shoes off and we will set another plate at the supper table!LOL! Nice to have you here Dave!