Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

Well hello, new-found brothers and sisters! I'm very excited to start getting to know you all and to find out more and more about my faith. Before we get to that, though, here's a bit about me:

My name is Mason and I'm 20 years old. I was in college for a while but dropped out due to my first wrestle with depression. I got that straightened out though and I plan to return in the spring. I want to earn my degree to teach English and then join the Peace Corps for two years. After that, I want to try to gain entry into the Iowa Writers' Workshop to earn my Masters in Creative Writing.

I mostly enjoy writing stories but music is another large part of my life. I've played guitar for nine years or so now and it's a huge passion of mine. Video games also grab my attention from time to time.

I'm engaged to a woman named Ava. She is one of the few things that lead me to faith. I truly believe that she is the woman God planned for me to marry and cherish for the rest of our lives.

As far as my faith goes, I'm honestly still very new to it. Up until six months ago, I was a very adamant Agnostic Theist; I believed that there had to be a Creator but I didn't believe that we, as humans, could really know anything about that Creator. It was around that time that my fiancée started going to Bible Study. Now, I've always been very respectful to other people's religions and worldviews and, as a philosophy buff, I enjoyed discussing those things with others. When she and I would talk about her Bible Study sessions though, that's when things started to change. Long story short, I've since been saved and felt our Lord work in my life. It's a wonderful feeling!

Well, sorry if this was a too long but I felt like I should really put myself out there. I've still got questions and I know that the help I'll receive from this community is going to be invaluable!

Welcome to CFS....We are glad you found us and joined. We look forward to fellowship with you.

God bless,

Hey, welcome!
Glad you decided to join, hope you stay!!!

I was pretty much the same as you in the way you thought.

I didn't beleive in Christianity when I asked God to show me the way 6 months ago, I just knew there was a god.
He sent me the answers through Christians and I wont go in to great detail but I can say without a doubt that once he answered these questions I knew that Christianity is the way..
Once you feel God it is wonderful, like you said.
Hi and welcome Mason to CFS its good to have you here ....love Jane
I enjoyed hearing your story. I very much enjoy writing and hope you go for it! I have been blessed by being here, even this short time. God Bless!