Hey guys =).

Hey guys =).

Hey, everyone how are you doing =).
I thought it was about time to find a nice (and fairly large) Christian forum on the internet. The old was i was a member of closed down a couple of months ago, and i missed the discussions.

I'm from Australia, i've always been a Christian (Since i can remember i've believed in God), but only really knew that i had to be forgiven a couple of years ago. Wasn't a hard one to make :).

I'm nearly 21 years old, and my interests are with computers and electronics. I love going hiking and hanging with my friends and late night drives. They are most awesome :), almost as awesome as God.

Any way, I'm glad that i found this place .:D
WELCOME. this is a great forum with some fantastic members. I trust that you will soon feel very much at home.
May I ask you a question?
In your profile you list hacking as one of your main interests. How do you find that fitting in with your Christianity?
I am not judging just really curious.
Haha, thanks Boanerges, but Housesitter already beat you to that link =p.

Housesitter, I believe information is a tool, and that it can be used for good or for evil. I do hack, but it is for penetration testing purposes only (Finding holes so they can be plugged, before someone else with "Bad" intentions finds them). I do admit that it is a powerful thing to know, it sometimes is tempting to do the wrong thing, and i haven't always been an Angel with it:D. But i do my best, and i haven't done anything that would cause harm to other people.
Slyke! Wow! An Aussie that likes computers! Hey! You and Bondman should get along just great! He has a thread in the Clubs and Ministry section titled "The Inner Room". Stop by sometime, and say G'day to him. It'll make his day!
Welcome, Slyke! :) It's great to have you here. For a long time I thought hacking was only bad, so sometimes when someone would say they were a hacker, I would think, "But he/she seemed like such a nice person! Why would he/she be a hacker??" :p:eek: