Hey I'm new here

Hey I'm new here

Hey this is Birdmann503 (earl). I'm another displaced Positive Thoughts member & am looking for a similar site to read posts, catch a good clean joke I can tell to friends, meet friends & through all of that somehow be a better person---or at least avoid areas that you're not sure of the quality of people. And after glancing at some posts, it's good to see some of the old PT people. Who knows? If this is a trend with displaced PT people, maybe we have some displaced GM & Chrysler dealers?:)

About me--since I don't think I filled out the questionairre to the details adiministrators would like...I'm 45 living in Missouri. Married to a woman 3 years who has had MS for 25 years & has been confined to a wheelchair the past 12 and is basically a paraplegic from the waist down these days.
I like simple pleasures such as working around the house, yardwork, sports, reading (non fiction mostly). I'm a decent cook (this really isn't a beer belly). I like bluegrass & traditional country music though I can't play any instruments.

As a Christian I'm probably unfortunately typical. I go to church when work permits & mine & my wife's health permits. Admittedy I don't always study my Sunday School lesson ahead of time. I believe in God--The Christian God and not others' "God", though I'm unworthy of His love or the things He provides for me. I don't read or study the scriptures like I should and cannot quote scripture like a minister, but I believe He lives. And despite my shortcomings, I know HE provides for me and takes care of me in spite of myself. And one of things I hope being a part of this site (assuming I'm allowed by the administrators to be) is a chance to grow as a person & Christian and to have a "home" to turn to through the rest of you

Should any have any questions or concerns about me, please allow me to address them either here or other places. Unfortunately with my work schedule & my wife's health and some other "irons in the fire" like having a new garage built and some other home improvements being made in the near future I don't always get on the computer too often especially in the summer. Be patient when waiting for a reply

Once again I hope to be allowed to be a part of this community. It seems like a great place


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Welcome to the family. We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome. This place is awesome and you'll get a lot from the site if you become part of the site. Don't drag the heals. Jump in with both feet. So good to see you here. God Bless!
Yo Birdmann! Im so glad you can make it my brother from another mother in Christ.


Your more than welcome here bro:D I prayed to God to let our PT peeps regroup to CFS if they wanted to n hoop der you R! This place rocks:guitar:
Happy saturday

Chili out.