Hey! So I'm New Here...

Hey guys!
I am glad I came across this forum and hope to share experiences and stories with all of you guys.

I have been religious (raised catholic) all my life, but only recently welcomed Jesus into my life (over the past 2 years or so). While doing so, I started distancing myself from the Catholic Church. However, that doesn't mean that I don't agree with most of their views, I just feel as if God is so much bigger and so much more loving than that. Or maybe it's the fact that church is quite boring where I am located (Germany). I feel as if the church I go to is not as embracing as I wish it was. It's very stiff and professional. Idk. I Iike it when the preacher cracks a joke from time to time...hahhaa. Okay, that was the most random introduction ever, but what I'm most looking forward to is sharing stories with you guys. Plus, I am working hard on improving myself. I wish I was as good a Christian as I intend to be, but I still have bad thoughts from time to time, I curse (which I am a trying to control) and I recently gave up smoking.

I know that Jesus is the path. I know that God will lead me to a better life. I just give in sometimes and I need to stop doing that.
Ya gut.... willkomen freuline

Course it's a been awhile, not sure if i spelled it right...

Hello and welcome

I tried smoking for 7 years...quit 11 years ago...it can be done.


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I welcome you and hope that you enjoy your time and find nourishment in the Gospel.
Hi gracesteph, good to see you here; God bless His Word to you. (It's what He in His Word says about His Son the Lord Jesus and His death at the Cross for sinner, and what He says about us, that really counts, right?)
Hahhaa. No. I'm actually half German, half Filipino born and raised in Germany.
Ooohh,,,That's cool...that makes a you deutschapinoy...Great background.

So does that mean you prefer this on your curry-wurst?:


Hi Grace,
I've already posted a reply to one of your messages but I'm just getting around to welcoming you onto the board. Before I was save in 1990 at 45 I was a rascal and in my twenties I was in Germany. I'll not try my recalled German here because most of it belongs in some very rough gesthaus'. Having given my life over 1/1/'90, I can relate to your trials. In the U.S. Army I spent far to many nights with prostitutes and other ladies of assorted bars and night clubs. As a result, the old man that is still strapped to my back, often, drags me into areas I have given up for my LORD.

Of course I'm in the process of my body killing me, as I have the final stage of RRMS but that means I am close to going Home and that ain't bad. I'm happy to hear that you have made Jesus your personal Savior because that means we will cross paths in Heaven. And, just walk away from stubborn, unstudied people that try to tell you that Catholics are going to Hell. I am a Baptist Bible Teacher and there are many in my chosen sect that believe that man made, false, idea.

In short, welcome and may God bless.
No, neither of my parents were in the US military. ..


Another thing was that as regards your dear mom, when you talked about her liking for tribal tattoos, often tattoos and the military go together... (So you see I was mistaken - sorry - but logically so, anyway...)