hey! welcome me too! :P

hey! welcome me too! :p

hi everyone.. i ve been posting here a bit, but then i realise i havent introduced myself to the forum... Hey everyone! u can call me blankgirl or rebekah... im from Malaysia... its been a tough journey for me as i strive to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, strengh, mind. i m trying to recover from depression and im on medication... its very hard for me to feel contented in the Lord.. i want to serve Him as well and share His Love... please keep me in prayer for the Lord's sake so that He can still use me despite myself...


Hi Rebekah you are most welcome here. Keep your eyes on Jesus and do not let anything else distract you. Not the thoughts you have , the way you feel, the things you see- just keep your eyes on Christ and you will soon be walking on those raging seas.
Many blessings , your brother Larry.
Hi, Rebekah!!!!!