Hey everyone my name is Flavio, im 19 i turn 20 this June, Im new to the faith and have alot to learn, i graduated high school in 2007, i live with my parents and my sister, I have a great family and im very thankful for it. I joined the site because i like to talk about God and learning more about him and his word and its always good to hear from someone thats been in the faith longer then i have. At one point in my life i really started to think more about God, im not sure why but questions just started to pop in my head out of nowhere, and i really didnt know what to believe in, there is so many different beliefs in this world that i didn't know who to listen to and it was driving me crazy, so i just started to pray to God and i asked him to reveal himself to me and to show me what he was really about because i didn't know what to follow, since that day it feels like God has worked in my life alot and everything seems clearer now.


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Well, praise God!!!! God has lead you to the right site. You will love it here and we are just so happy to have you in the family. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Welcome to the Forum, Flavi0 - I was the one who processed your application this morning after you contacted us with the additional info that we requested. Nice to have you with us in our Christian family here at CFS.

Please take a look at the Regulations as well as the Survival Tips for new members which can be found here:


May God bless and enjoy the fellowshipping that you will be a part of with our members. :)

Pastor Gary ( Moderator and Staff Trainer )
Wow, what a great testimony.
It sounds as if God is really directing you toward his purpose.

Welcome to CFS and it is a real priveledge to be here with you.

Now that you are here, please look over a couple of pages...


Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.

We do ask that everyone look over the rules, and the Survival tips will help you navigate your way around as well! :)

Please make yourself right at home Flavio, I'm looking forward to meeting you again out in the forum!!


Wow that's great to have you here . I am sure you will be blessed as we have a wonderful group of Christians who love the Lord .

We are all growing in our faith and never cease to do that as we read and study together . God is good all the time and He continually gives us substance and nuggets for our dialy growth . We serve an awesome God .

Hi Flavio...so happy that you joined us.

This is a great place to learn about our Lord and Savior.

Really nice people here too!

Blessings, Cheri
HI Flavio!! Nice to meet you my new friend:cool: Hey I threw an extra chili on the grill 4 ya cuz we like it hot for the Lord Jesus

If it aint hot it aint no good:D It is sooo good to see a very young man come to Christ. It makes me tearyeyed. I came to Christ in 92 officially. Im glad to meet you sir. If I can help you in anything just let me know and I will do my best:cool:
Your new friend n brother in Christ Matt
The Great Chili has spoken:israel::D