Yup,I'm a newb.

I'm Sarah.

Anway;I'm thirteen.I live in Georgia.I love the band My Chemical Romance.I also love Gerard "Gee" Way and Frank "Frankie" Iero.I play electric guitar and sing in a band called Deaths Touch.We do Emo and Hard Rock.My guitar is a Fender Strat that I made,his name is Kurda.I ride dirtbikes and horses.I have 5 horses;Winky,Likealot,Hannah,Woconda,and Sheba.I skateboard.I'm really into computer graphic design.That's really all I can think of that you need to know about me.

Oh yeah,I'm also a member of the SoC (Soldiers of Christ) forums.They're a really arsom bunch of Christian Halo players.I'm xFAMOUSxLastWordsx on there.

If you have any questions about me,just ask.
xHeadfirstxForHALOSX you are most welcome! I am much older than you but my 14 year old son's favorite band is My Chemical Romance and both my teens are rally into Halo- they aren't lucky enough to have horses though (they wouldn't fit in my living room).
I pick at a Fender StarCaster but I can't really call it playing yet but (once again ) my 14 year old has about 6 guitars and makes my playing sound really bad!
My 16 year old is a computer virtuoso and once again I am left in the dust- O well! LOL!
Anyway I would like to ask you about your relationship with Jesus, could you share your testimony? I am looking forward to you response!
Hehe,sounds like your kids and I have a lot in common.

My testimony...Well,let's see...

Up until October 2004,I was a Wiccan.Now,I still practice some Wiccan beleifs-But not all of them anymore.I was orginally raised as a Christian,and I was baptised when I was a baby.But I kinda got away from Christianity when I got older.

Anyway,that Fall,I just began to notice God and Jesus *everywhere*-It was weird and a little scary at first.Long story short;On Halloween of that year I was saved.

I'd go into much more detail;But I have to go feed my ferrets ad snake.
It great to know you are turning to Jesus. I would like to reccomend you find a good church and get exposed to more of God's Word. You may have heard some of it when you were young but it will be a whole new expierience for you now that you are saved. If you decide to get really close with the Lord He will change your heart and after awhile you will find yourself living a new life- It is the coolest thing to see how God changes us from the inside out- and to know His power and Glory is more than amazing! I hope and pray you will continue in the journey you started when you got saved- and oh yeah pet your ferrets and snakes for me, just don't let them eat each other-LOL!
Yeah,I'm tying to find a good church-Right now I've been jumping around from one to another because I'm not welcome in very many,because I used to be a Wiccan and still practice some Wiccan beliefs.Plus,I'm also just a little bit on the weird side,that's just my personality.A lot of Christians in my area don't just love a 13 year old that plays lead guitar in a Heavy Metal band.
If being worldly was a crime 1/2 the country would be in jail-LOL! Seriously if you find a church were the Spirit of God is moving they won't care about your "different style or dress"- but take it from me the wiccan religion cannot be mixed with Christianity the result would be an abomination to the Lord. It is my hope and prayer that your eyes will be opened enough to see that you can find everything you need in Christ. I personally promise that there is nothing these dark religions will give you that God cannot and will not eclipse!
Get to know the living God - He is awesome- angelic beings of awesome power stand in His presence for eons and they are still continually being blown away by revelation of Him- the longer you look the more you see, the more you see the more you are blown away- and like these awesome angelic beings you will continue to cry HOLY- HOLY- HOLY- after a million years you will still be saying wow did you see that, wow unbelieveable- in 10 or 20 million years you might start to get the idea- He is awesome and there is no end to Him!
By the way I like Christian Metal- I grew up on rock . You must understand that music was created to worship God with and all it's expressions can be used to honor Him. A friend of mine complained to me about that thar guitar, drum and other modern instruments - Don't let religious people tell you that- in the 14th century people were calling the chuch organ the devils bagpipies- the truth is it is just plain hard for some people to break with religious tradtions ( this doesn't mean they are bad but trapped in their own rut) BUT you have a gift and if properly used you could reach and minister to people that someone more traditional never could. Keep looking , pray for wisdom,completely leave behind the old ways that hindered you from being free and find God's calling for your life.
Hi Sarah,

I too was once entrenched in the depths of sin. I really hope you seek truth from God's word and allow yourself to be conformed to His image more and more each day to the point of giving up certain things which cannot be imagined to be part of His Holyness. Let your love for Him override any worldly pleasures or ventures.

For me, if I can't imagine doing or participating in certain activities in Heaven with my perfectly Holy creator, it is likely wrong or at the very least not profitable. I don't really want to sound like I'm preaching to you, because we all (myself included) need to grow as Christians. Try to find a good Church though, we all need one to learn from other believers and to serve.

I have a 16 year old son David who plays Half Life 2 (Bio-Hazard), but he is trying hard to follow Christ.


xHxFxHx...are you Straight Edge? I keep seeing people using the x's that aren't, so I was just curious. Kinda odd to associate sXe with an MCR song.

Um..and welcome aboard.