Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

I was thinking of a unique username and Jonah's Whale just fit. :fish:

I am a recent College grad who is also job hunting (pray for me in that area :groupray: ).

I also have a another post up in the Biblical Advice section.

I had an exposure to christianity all of my life but a little over a year ago God started opening my eyes to who he was, and I still struggle with assurance from time to time. All I can do is depend on him to help me grow and become more like Christ.

I like to garden, exercise, read, jog, and I enjoy checking out the occasional muscle car.

I have another issue hope you all could give me some sound counsel in that area. It is posted in the biblical advice section entitled: Wise Counsel Needed. I hope someone can help me out in that section as well.


Jonah's Whale :fish:


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Welcome to the family. You will love it here, you will get sound advice and you will grow in the Lord, and make lots of friends. Everyone here is wonderful, caring, and we love helping each other.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Everyone. Ms. Dusty I love you avatar, so cute. Godnbe 4 me. Thanks for the kind welcome, and I love your signature by the way. And it is always good to see some Louisiana people too, Boanerges.

so glad you found us, and I have no doubt that you will get a lot of answers here. This forum is filled with wonderful people, from whom I've learned so much.

Blessings, Cheri
Hey there,

:welcome: to the forums, its great to have you onboard. Lots of great folk around here..

Looking forward to hearing more about you...

I am glad to have found you too Cheri, everyone has been so nice and have taken the time to answer any all questions I've had.

nikl, the it is quite refreshing to be somewhere were you dont feel like you have to be on the defensive all the time.

xcortman, the people have been awesome and I hope that Lord develops in me a testimony worth sharing.

Thanks again for such a kind welcome. I hope can use this website as a tool to be more like Christ.
Hello! I really like your name, it's interesting and fun, I think. It's nice to see how many new people are floating around here. This is actually my first post- my name is Jennifer. :cool:
Thanks Jennifer,

I just hope God never has to deal with me like he did with Jonah, lol. I think alot of people are realizing the importance of communicating with God's people. Hope to speak with you all more soon.

Welcome to the forums Jennifer. I hope you like it here. Lookin' forward to (hopefully) having many good conversations with ya.