Hi Folks!

Hi Folks!

As with Sean from London, I see my gift as his and that being: "My main gifting is exhortation/encouragement to the body of Christ, or those who are hungering to know Him/walk with Him. Thanks for that opportunity!"

I am a passionate believer in Jesus Christ as the One who calls me to a joint-heir relationship IN the Father; a "son brought unto glory".

However, the details of my exhortations lie in the perspective of my knowledge as it most always does not have much to do with redemption and/or initial salvation, being only a part of the whole. I assume everyone here is saved. Anyway, that all wasn't easy to get out because of my previous experiences in being grossly mis-understood. Not by all, but by most, with an agenda of their own, who willfully pursued my dis-creditation.

I am a Pentecostal [not "oneness"] of 71 yrs who has paid his dues in life and am now enabled to minister what lies at the heart of the gospel message.

I am not of Calvin, Arminius or Pelagian, et al, nor am I completely of orthodoxy, seeing as how all are of man's reasoning and all have failed in keeping the Church unto Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, my position on many issues will be skewed [some purposefully] to be heretical by some folks who will take personal offense and desire me banned. I expect that.

However, you will find objective in my statements=comments and replies. I do hope that will be recognized and that truth and honesty will prevail and no one will be hasty in their opinions.

Words mean something, I do my best at making them say something. I am sincerely yours.

Thank you

Cross Reference

Ps Obviously, You will find me in the Bible Studies forum. . :)
Howdy Crossreference. A humble welcome to CFS:D No body is mean here:israel:strict perhaps, mean NO. this is Gods site and all are invited. So ill throw an extra chili on the grill for ya my friend. God Bless you.
Chili out.:cool: