Hi from a Dane in Wales, UK

Hi from a Dane in Wales, UK

Hi all, it's a pleasure to join your community, I look forward to making new friends and having some interesting debates. I believe that being Christian is not so much about which denomination you belong to, but rather the values you subscribe to and the actions you take to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ. The best wishes to everyone.:smiley90:
First of first, we do not allow any debating whatsoever on this forum!

That's right Jeanne. Although debates are not allowed (we have the strictest moderators for those kind of things) but friendly discussions about biblical topics is encouraged. If you would take a look at the threads under Bible Studies, you'd see a lot of interesting exchanges between forumers where there's no need for heated discussions.

Anyway, welcome to the coolest forum in the universe!

Jeanne, welcome to the forums. Glad to have you aboard. Hope you enjoy your time here..

Have a great weekend..

God Bless