Hi from a troubled soul in South Africa.


I'm a old/new Christian struggeling with a lot of issues. I need somebody to talk to and thought that I would give this forum a go. I know that God is the only one that can bring life back into my life. I guess u can call me a Christian atheist. I know God and I know what is the right path, but I still dwell on my evil way's.


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Hi and welcome to CFS - its great to have you with us.
If there is anything I can do to help just ask
Welcome to the forums great to have you aboard. Please do post your thoughts if you'd like and we'd be glad to help you in any way we can.

God Bless
Welcome to the forum and it seems that your a gentleman with needs and questions. Iĺl be happy to assist you in any manor needed and Iĺl not be looking down my long bony nose. Although I might be a bit closer to living the Christian life through Jesus than you are, like you I am a sinner saved only through faith and grace! If you have man issues to settle in private you should feel free to contact me through my email. If you cannot wait for the required number of posts I have an address that will not clog my regular mail and I will post it for out first contact and then will give you my regular email addy.

Welcome and praying for your growth in faith!
Hi Seeker my brother. Welcome to CFS. Please feel free to post about. If you need any help with anything , don't hesitate to ask us. WE ARE here to help in any way we can sir. God Bless you abundantly!

Chili out.
We all have doubts Seeker, and I can tell from what little you have shared that you are not a Christian atheist as there is no such thing. There are a great group of brothers and sisters here, and I know you can find answers, just ask.
hello ^^, its okay we all mess up its apart of our nature, but you can always call on God when things get too tough. He'll show you the way out and how to handle the stressors in your life :)