Hi guys and gals

Hi guys and gals

Im glad i found a christian forum site because i have a few questions and i thought someone on here might be able to help. Iv been trying to figure out my religion for years. Im an ex wiccan and stil have my beliefs. About 2-3 months ago i dicided to read the bible, i started the new testiment and by the time i gt to Jhon new views had started to come to view for me. the thing is its hard to explain, i belive in god and i know hes there but i keep thinking i want him to show himself to me more. I need his help to become a stronger christian. I want to feel him with me but i cant and it kind of puts stupid thoughts in my head like hes not there. Ive had past experiances with spirts which hasnt helped. If someone could give me some advise or some encourageing words i would be very grateful. I will cheack the forum everyday so untill next time , good bye for now, an godbless.

Welcome to the forums lonewolf. I would just like to say this...Look around you, look at the plants and the dirt, and grass, and the sky and water, and other people. This could not possibly be a random series of events that would create something so complicated. God made everything that you see. He loves all of his children, that means you too. I'll be praying for you bro.

Hi lonewolf and welcome. I think you will find this a good place to fellowship and learn about walking with Jesus. There is no joy like the manifest presence of God. If you seek Him with all your heart He is waiting and will be found by you. Find a good bible believing church and learn about His Word, spend time in prayer and learn to worship God. Christianity is a beautiful expression of the original reason for man's creation ; relationship and fellowship with almighty God. Stick around and talk to the people around here, they have alot of good insight into God's love and way. Many blessings on your day- your brother Larry
Hi, lonewolf!
You are welcome to the Forum!


Only Jesus can change you and help you! Seek Him with all your heart and you'll find!

I'm sure you'll find lots of encouragement and good advices here from the members of CFS. This forum is very friendly and I think you'll soon feel like at home here.
the Lonewolf replys

Your replys have inspired me =] and im glad to no that im welcome in the comunity =] thanks again and god bless