Hi im new but i have lots to tell! Also my name is pancakes lol =) *part 1

Okay well i joined this site today, and i really like it. Anyways well before i was saved i was into astrology and i had a horrible r-ship w my dad. We spent alot of time w my aunt who is a woman of God and basically helped steer me and my brothers on the right path. She is also a prophet and has other gifts. Anywho when it was our time to be saved we indeed were saved, then days later God gave me a dream. Me and my brothers ran up a golden staircase out of hell into heaven(a holding place) then i guess many more days or weeks later my aunt had a vision from God that i was leading people to pray and teaching them abt it. Also i would be a missionary and my brother would teach with his drawings. Then God gave me the begining of a dream of my other aunt who was in trouble and complaining abt bills then i prayed for her and God gave my prophetic aunt the end of the dream , where she was in court holding a baby(blessing) and was being accussed by satan and she passed the baby to my other aunt and went down
I forgot what the dream meant but my aunt knows it well. Then last night at my aunts she baptized us and my brothers got the holy spirit and spoke in tongues... I kinda freaked and missed the chance due to fear, bleh, also my dad and i's relationrhip is a bit better still have to fight to win them to christ lol but ive only been saved for almost two months ( nov. 5) and so much has happened. God is awesome
Hiya, Pancakes :D
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What a cool way on how God spoke to ya! That's very awesome!

God is definitely awesome. Just keep listening to His voice!
Hi Pancakes, welcome to CFS.

Don't give up on your relationship with your Dad. When I was a kid my Mum and I only ever had one fight - it started the first day I spoke and ended when I left home! In other words, relationship? what relationship? But after I got saved things between Mum and I began to improve, and eventually she spent the last 6 years of her life living with us, and eventually came to the Lord a year before her death. Hold on to God's word that "the promise is to you and your household" and keep believing for your family's salavtion and reconcilliation.