Hi! I'm New Here

Hi! I'm New Here

:jesus-cross:I'm from Canada, and I am interested in making new friends here. I've been through a lot. It'll be good to get some support.
Welcome Fire Angel,

This is a great place to make new friends. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the forum rules. If I can help in anyway, just let me know.
Hi FireAngel!! Your gonna like it here at CFS. There is a whole lotta support here in all kinds of ways with a whole lotta smiles and love. A HUMBLE welcome to you my friend! Post away n get to know us. Just call me "Chili" all my friends do.
God Bless you sis.:)
welcome to the site!

It is so wonderful to read that you have found Victory in JESUS CHRIST!!!

Praise GOD!

We have victory over the enemy!!!!
Thanks Tavy, I was wondering do you collect Angels? I like your cross that is real nice.
Thanks Dusty and Lynn. Thanks all for welcoming me. It'll be nice getting Christian support as I seek the Lord for my healing.:pray:


Welcome Sister.

I'm Canadian too eh. :)

If you need anything at all.... :)


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