Hi New From Alabama

Hi New From Alabama

I just recently rededicated myself to Christ... I had been a backslider for about 7 years... Once you quit going to church it is so easy to stay out of church... I know that God answers prayer... I am still struggling with things but I know that God is the answer... I haven't had a drink of alcohol since Dec.26,2008... I pray for his strength ... I live in Alabama in a small town where everyone knows you or you are related to them... Today makes 9 years since my momma passed away with lung cancer, I miss her very much... I have been married for 5 years.. My husband is a good man but he is not a christian... I hope that will change soon... I hope to discover Gods will and plan for our life...
Welcome Godseeker,

Yes, God answers prayers, when we are weak, he is strong. I encourage you to pray for your husband. A friend of mine was in the same situation, she did not try to force her will on her husband but just quietly prayed for him, after a couple years of praying faithfully, her husband is a christian now.
Greetings, and welcome Godseeker.

Thank you for introducing yourself.

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It sounds as though you are faced with some difficult challenges.

May God guide and direct you. Obviously you have your focus on Jesus so I don't see how you could go wrong.

Remember, if we can be of any assistance at all don't hesitate to ask. :)


Welcome . You will find good Christian studies to help you grow here . We are glad you came and hope you make yourself at home and get to know us .

Pastor Gary

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Hi, Godseeker - My family and I were very close to your community about 10 months ago on Highway 431 on our way from Dothan to Anniston. If y'all ever get down to Baldwin County (Gulf Shores / Orange Beach) let me know ahead of time and we can all have lunch... unless we're in Florida, Michigan, Tennessee or Wisconsin at the time... :D

Nice to see you here and God bless.


Welcome to the forums, its great to have you here...Yes, God will answer your prayers..Keep trusting in him and believing, its never too late for God..Always remember that...

God Bless